Right now I’m excited for a new challenge to make work in a new place. Farnham Surrey is where I spent most of my teenage years but its been a while since I’ve lived here but it feels different to be coming back as a wife,mother and working artist. My work always tends to be inspired by the place I live so it could be interesting to see how/if my work changes again. Today the things I am interested in is : keeping things local, and zero waste lifestyle, spending time with family and nurturing my sons British accent!


After a childhood moving around a lot from Switzerland, US and Hong Kong we settled in UK and I got my Bachelors of Art Degree at Central Saint Martins in London, and worked for a few independent designers. Then I moved to Shanghai China with my American husband where my son was born and finally settled in Austin Texas for 7 years.

Just moved back to one of my home towns in Surrey England to be close to family and excited to see where my new location takes my art! Watch this space!

There are a few sides to my work. Large drippy abstract paintings, small intimate detailed southwest paintings on wood or canvas, intimate self portraits, and more recently clean line modern prints with added gold leaf. Gold is the common thread actually. I love me some gold!